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Easy tips
  • To slow down the tarnishing of silver jewellery store it in plastic bags to exclude any air.  If the piece is in it's own box pack the space with a crumpled plastic bag.

  • To keep silver cutlery tarnish free, keep a few pieces of chalk in the cutlery box or drawer.

  • To fold fitted sheets for storage: put your hand into one, inside-out corner and pull the corner next to it over the top, do the same for the other two corners.  At this point you'll have one hand in each 'pouch' corner.  Then lay it down flat on a bed, make sure the fitted edges are folded flat on the sheet.  Fold the sheet in half length ways.  Finally fold the two short edges into the middle and fold in half.  All edges will now be in the middle and the sheet will be a lovely neat rectangle for storage.


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