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When you contact me I will arrange to come and visit you, at your space to be ordered, at a time that suits you.  As we talk I will understand what you want to be achieved and I'll agree with you the space, possesions and information to be re-ordered.   This first, half-hour meeting will be free of charge.

I will then send you a summary of our discussions and an estimate of time and any materials and, once you're happy, then we will agree a start date.

Firstly, I will arrange your belongings into easy lots for you to decide if they are to keep or to dispose of.  Where disposal is the option I will arrange for them to be disposed of as you wish - whether to the charity shop, ebay, throw away, or other action. 

Secondly I will then work with the stuff that's left to make your space beautifully ordered, with 'a place for everything and everything in its place'.

I will always get your agreement before using any materials or disposing of anything at all, you will always be in control of what I am doing for you.

At the end you will have a beautifully arranged space and if necessary a map of where things are.  Finally I will also leave you with handy tips about the easy maintainance of your newly ordered space.

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